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Welcome to Swift Tutorial Conference 2016


STC 2016 will make you ready to adopt the newest frameworks, APIs and iOS features that were introduced at WWDC 2016. All sessions are tutorial and example based. The best: attending Swift Tutorial Conference is absolutely free!

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If you couldn’t attend

Conference bundle


One Bundle to Rule Them All

The STC16 Conference Bundle includes recordings of all tutorial sessions and the complete source code of all projects. The bundle also contains bonus content provided by the different conference speakers.

The bundle is now available. Attendees can receive a 50% discount with their attendee coupon.

Purchase the Conference Bundle

As a registered conference attendee you will be granted a 50% discount on all price tiers when entering your attendee coupon code at checkout.


After your purchase you will receive a download link for the conference bundle. The bundle contains all session recordings and the related code files and resources plus some bonus content from the tutorial sessions.

From September 25th
Supporter Bundle

The Supporter Bundle includes all the content from the standard bundle. The only difference is that it is very good for your karma, since you are greatly supporting the conference in its whole and all the speakers involved.


What makes STC special?

Meet the Conference Speakers

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To attend STC 2016 for free just enter your email and name. You will be informed about the conference program and receive important updates. You will also save 50% on the conference bundle that is going to be released after the conference.