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Meet the Speakers

Get a chance to learn more about our great Speakers. All of them provide great materials and information for iOS developers so make sure to have a look at their projects and websites.

  • Brian is the founder of Swift Tutorial Conference, educator, iOS Developer and Trainer. He is passioned about simplifying challenging concepts and techniques and tries to assist and inspire both beginners and professionals to become successful developers on all Apple platforms.

  • I'm an iOS developer with a passion for beautiful code and a musician with a soft spot for sawtooth synthesizer patches. Writing elegant and effective code is one of the most rewarding creative endeavors I’ve discovered; I love to teach and show people what an art form programming is. Where many people see mind-numbing code, I see a toolset to build anything you can dream up.

    Travis Blankenship
  • Chris is the educator and co-founder of where he focuses on helping beginners and non-programmers succeed with learning how to build iPhone apps. His courses and tutorials have helped thousands of people find a passion for programming and to launch their own apps into the Apple App Store.

    Chris Ching
  • Programmer | YouTuber | Tech Lover

    Jared Davidson
  • Josh is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and takes a pride in keeping up with the latest in Apple developments. Josh was a WWDC 2016 attendee and student scholarship recipient, as well as part of the team that received a student Apple Design Award for their app, "Dividr."

    Joshua Deichmann
  • With great proficiency Nina delivers not only great UI designs but also understands the importance of a great User Experience. Being an Educator in both schools and in software trainings, Nina understands how to convey great techniques and a passion for quality.

    Nina Steed